provides a simple and affordable way to record calls from any phone.

4 Reasons To Choose

Our system is the easiest way to record calls on any phone. Because it is a service you do not need special or expensive hardware. It works like a calling card so you can even record cell phone calls with our service.
Completely Transparent
When recording a call, the other party receives no indication the call is being recorded. Your number will display on their caller id allowing you to decide who knows the conversation is being recorded.

Web-based Access
Your recordings are stored securely and are accessible through our easy-to-use website. Your recordings will be stored at no cost to you for the next six months and can be downloaded to your own computer at any time.
Low Pricing
Our pricing is among the best in the industry. You pay no subscription or storage fees. Only pay for the minutes you use and nothing more. We even provide a toll-free number and free long distance.