We want our service to be simple and easy to use, so we stayed away from bells and whistles that are only useful to a handful of people. That being said, we do offer a few features that we feel go a long way towards making our service the easiest to use.

Call Log

Our call log is the central hub of our service. It contains a list of all the conversations you have recorded. Your recordings are immediately available from the call log by pressing the "Play" button and you can download any recording from the call log. We also provide some additional details about each recording such as the time, duration and participants.


Sending a recording via e-mail can be difficult due to file size and other restrictions. That is why you can enable sharing on a recording. This gives a recording a publicly accessible web address that you can pass around via e-mail, IM, twitter, etc. The address is not guessable, so only those you share the recording with can access that recording. Recordings you do not explicitly share are still only available to you.

Frequent Phones

We want to make recording a call through our service as easy as just making a call. To help achieve that we have a feature we call "Frequent Phones". In your profile simply let us know what numbers you often call from. When you call we will already know who you are and allow you to bypass entering your customer number. It is a little thing, but it makes things easier.

Batch Export

All recordings are stored in your call log for 6 months. If you want more permanent storage, getting the raw audio files from our system is quick and painless. The call log includes a download link for every recording. If you want a more optimized process, we also offer a batch export that will export all recordings in a given date range and package them up in a nice zip file for you. We even throw in a CSV file that contains the meta-data (date/time, participants, duration) for the exported recordings.

Highrise Integration

Do you use Highrise to manage your contacts? Our product offers integration with Highrise so that recordings are automatically copied to the relevant contact in Highrise as soon as the conversation is done. Highrise does an excellent job of allowing you to make notes on contacts and manage tasks. Now you can also track actual recordings of the phone conversations you have with your contacts.